Digital Talent Identification with Boost

Sportz Village Xp in association with Boost, developed a Digital Talent Identification program to nurture young cricket talent by scouting & grooming them across india.


Sportz Village Xp’s Digital Talent Identification program was used to take BoostCamp digitally to young kids across key markets.The all-new BoostCamp Selections 2021 created a unique digital opportunity for talented cricket enthusiasts in the Under-11 and Under-14 age categories to showcase their cricketing skills and be evaluated on the same by experts online.


  • Communication
  • Registration
  • Digital Talent Identification
  • Scholarship and Rewards


80,081 participants across 344 schools and academies in more than 30 cities across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Young sports enthusiasts

9200 Participants reached: through information shared on the school web porta