Delivering World-Class Sports Experiences to Underprivileged Kids with Long-Term Talent Development Measures

How can we promote talent development for underprivileged children


We focused on three key aspects to ensure positive and genuine outcomes from the initiative:

  1. Focused talent identification
  2. A great sporting atmosphere (physical & social)
  3. Role-models for community level engagement.
  • Pre-event: 400 students of classes 1-12 were identified from Government schools and Gurukuls yearlong, who were then brought together in Lucknow for the Sports for Change 2019
  • Main Event: Selected students get an opportunity to showcase their talent in a well-equipped sports platform and compete in 7 sports namely: Athletics (multiple disciplines), Chess, Carom, Badminton, Volleyball, Football & Kabaddi
  • Post-event: The winners and runners-up were awarded and 50 children were selected for scholarships in different sports to nurture their skills.


Engaged with 67,500 students across 200 government school

Lasting and positive experiences for kids

50 talented kids get a chance to pursue and nurture sports