A unique in-school ‘alternative learning' program using hot wheels track playsets

How we engaged 9K+ kids from 15 schools and shifted brand perception from an ‘aggressive’ to one of ‘Play with Purpose’


Under Hot Wheels Labs initiative, a special program was designed and executed in schools across Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi through multiple engaging activities. Concepts of ‘Racing, Speed and Performance’ that Hot Wheels stands for were moulded to create alternative practical learning techniques to help children get a better grasp on the concepts like gravity, speed, trajectory, etc.

  • Core Idea: Juxtaposing education, life-skills and creativity with Track Playsets
  • Program: 4 simple yet extremely engaging, fun, informative and interactive workshops
    • Speedometry Workshop (Classes 4 & 5): Demonstrate the fun of science, especially Physics using Hot Wheels Track playsets
    • Car Chemistry Workshop (Classes 1 & 2): Peek into the Hot Wheels-themed full-size car
    • Track Play Challenge (Class 3): A group challenge to build track set from start to finish
    • School Science Exhibition (Classes 1 to 5): Sponsored School Science Fair with special ‘Track Play Experience’ zones


Engaged 9K+ kids from 15 schools

Practical manifestation of the core brand communication 'Play with Purpose'

3X significant impact on the TG owing to hand-on experience with Hot Wheels