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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted learning as schools and colleges remain shut. To provide quality learning to children, organizations need to implement innovative solutions to engage with children through online and offline methods. Our curated Phygital (Physical + Digital) sports programs can be a powerful tool to introduce learning modules that impart important skills like computational thinking, problem solving, and cognitive/ non-cognitive skills to promote overall development of children. Technology when coupled with play can help drive positive change in children and youth.

Major Challenges

School and university closures has not only led to a short-term impact on the continuity of learning for more than 285 million young learners in India but also led to far-reaching economic and societal consequences.

Health & Nutrition

By the end of 2020, 320 million children were still locked out of schools worldwide

Health & Nutrition

4 in 10 teachers say their school is “behind the curve” when it comes to technology adoption and implementation

From their academic success to their social skills and mental health, the pandemic is a crisis for today’s children – and the fallout may follow them for the rest of their lives.


How Sportz Village can help!

Although learning takes place throughout life, in early childhood, learning is taking place at a speed that will never be equaled. Educators are re-thinking how to teach young children to tap their enormous learning potential.

With our expertise in delivering result-oriented sports solutions, we help brands directly engage with kids through our scalable sports programmes to help them learn through Play. Out programmes create opportunities and environments that promote play, exploration and hands-on learning.

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Born to Play

World’s largest youth sports platform on a mission to get 100 million kids to play

At Sportz Village, we believe in making sports an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle right from early years, thus building a healthier, happier and fitter generation. We design-develop-execute physical education and training programs, grassroot sports programs, brand-led sports programs for consumer engagement and social outreach through our vast network of schools, colleges, academies, brands, federations, and corporates.

Born to Play

Here’s how we introduced Learning through Play as a module in the core curriculum

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