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Every child, irrespective of the background and situation, deserves to play and stay healthy, both physically and mentally. As pandemic brought upon us the global challenge to keep kids physically active, safe, and healthy, home became the new playground for them. Now that ‘health and wellness’ messages are top pick for consumer brands, can your brand break through the clutter by stepping ahead?

Our curated and scalable Phygital (Physical + Digital) sports programs are a powerful tool to engage with children and their parents while ensuring that they understand the value of good nutrition, personal hygiene and physical activity; and continue leading healthy lives - inside-out!

Health & Nutrition of Children and Youth – Key Issues

Lack of good nutrition is persistently high among kids/youth across social strata - owing to either lack of awareness, affordability, or poor lifestyle choices.

Health & Nutrition

2 out of 3 children
do not have a healthy BMI

Health & Nutrition

More than 80% of adolescents aged 11 to 17 are insufficiently physically active

Health & Nutrition

Most girls are denied equal opportunities to youth sports/community health programs

Health & Nutrition

Over 15% children are overweight or obese (35-40% in upper-income families)

With COVID-19, the closure of schools and social distancing norms has led to complete inactivity, increased screen-time, and literally no-access to play.


How Sportz Village can help!

Our scientifically researched and well-integrated sports and physical education programs coupled with PAN India network of schools and colleges, make us partners of choice for leading global brands across the world.

With our expertise in delivering result-oriented solutions, we help brands directly engage with kids. Our scalable sports programs are designed to teach kids important life skills and build healthy habits, while getting millions of kids to play.

Our programs assist brands in creating a healthier and happier world while achieving their brand objectives and making a social impact.

Sportz Village Framework for Promoting Healthier Lifestyles

  • Physical Fitness
  • Emotional Health
  • Social Engagement
  • Health Education
  • Nutrition Education
  • Personal Hygiene

We have developed highly tested content & Experiential Sports Marketing solutions for promoting overall health & well-being of children and communities.

Here’s how we launched an experiential, digitally-enabled health education platform to create health and nutrition awareness among kids




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Brands and Corporates

Born to Play

World’s largest youth sports platform on a mission to get 100 million kids to play

At Sportz Village, we believe in making sports an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle right from early years, thus building a healthier, happier and fitter generation. We design-develop-execute physical education and training programs, grassroot sports programs, brand-led sports programs for consumer engagement and social outreach through our vast network of schools, colleges, academies, brands, federations, and corporates.

Born to Play

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