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Overview Overview

Inequality is still one of the biggest threats our world faces. Urgent action is needed to accelerate provision of all forms of social opportunities for women/girls, right from the tender age. It’s high time to realize that by realizing the potential in one girl, one can impact the growth of entire community.

We are focused on marrying purpose with marketing objectives by helping purpose-led brands in promoting a more inclusive society - through the medium of sports. Our highly scalable ‘Phygital’ and Experiential Sports Marketing Programs are designed to engage girls in areas such as health,nutrition, fitness, education, skill-development etc, imparting vision, skills and confidence needed to go beyond social limitations.

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Challenges Challenges

Key Issues

  • Women drive more than 70% of consumer spending, but their representation in the employment ecosystem is meagre

  • 47% of women between the age of 15-19 have a BMI less than 18.5 kg/m²

  • The literacy rate of women in India is only at 65%

  • 30% of girls from poor families have never set foot in a classroom

  • 36.8% of girls are married off before turning 18 in India

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How Sportz Village can help!

We stand on the side of history that believes that enabling girls with quality education and a healthy lifestyle empowers them to economic growth and positive social transformation. With our expertise in delivering result-oriented sports and physical education programs backed by our PAN India network of schools and colleges, we help leading global brands promote the cause of Girl Empowerment.

Case Study Case Study

Sportz Village concluded a very unique and detailed study for a leading consumer brand to identify and validate the key social barriers constraining girls from pursuing sport.

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How we empowered girls to take safety in their own hands with a dedicated self-defense education program.

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Here’s how we empowered more than 1.6 lac girls in 600+ institutes across 33 districts master the art of Self Defense

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Impact created so far

Born to play Born to play

World’s largest youth sports platform with a mission to get 100 million kids to play

At Sportz Village, we believe in making sports an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle right from early years, thus building a healthier, happier and fitter generation. We design-develop-execute physical education and training programs, grassroot sports programs, brand-led sports programs for consumer engagement and social outreach through our vast network of schools, colleges, academies, brands, federations, and corporates.

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