Connecting with HNI individuals through a premium golf tournament for kids in the belmondo estate

How we delivered a highly engaging sport experience to 42 kids and their parents and generated valuable leads for the luxury project.


An exclusive Jr Golf tournament for Under 14 kids from Mumbai & Pune accompanied by their parents

We ideated and executed a high-end and leisurely environment for TG by setting up a Jr Golf tournament for kids. This included familiarizing the parents of participants about the project and its amenities on the tournament day. Every participant along with his/her parents was taken on a Belmondo tour post registration. Amenities & facilities provided by Belmondo were showcased to them. Premium experience of Belmondo Estate was offered, thus creating a desire to stay in the estate. For audience engagement, a mini Golf course for kids as well as parents was set up and a golf workshop was carried by the experts.


Engaged 42 Under 14 kids and their parents

Quality engagement leading to genuine interest into owning a property in Belmondo