Experiential Sports Marketing Programs


At Sportz Village Xp, we create, produce and activate innovative experiential marketing campaigns that break through the clutter to authentically engage with your target audience through the power of sports.

  • Consumer Engagement Solutions
  • Experiential Strategy Development
  • Brand-led School Contact Programs
  • Cause Marketing Programs
  • Phygital Sports Marketing Solutions


With Social Marketing through Sports, we aim to develop and integrate our phygital and experiential marketing concepts to influence behaviours that benefit individuals and communities for the greater social good.

Brands can no longer afford to underestimate the importance of social marketing because it often raises awareness of far-reaching topics that are often out of the sight and mind of the mainstream population.

At Sportz Village Xp, we are working towards mass behavioural change in kids/youth through brand-led campaigns in the following

Health and
Nutrition Awareness
Thinking and Cognitive /
Skills Development


Tried & Tested Success Formula

ESM Formula


Authentic Brand Story

Reinforced Brand Positioning

High Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)


Quality Consumer Engagement

User-generated Content

Improved Brand Affinity and Recall

Goodwill Creation

Higher Lead-Conversion Ratio

Organic PR Content

Success Stories

How we created a positive impact and lasting brand experiences in the lives of 22K+ young cricketers from 2K+ schools

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How we engaged 9K+ kids from 15 schools and shift brand perception from an ‘aggressive’ to one of ‘Play with Purpose’

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How we tapped into the spirit of Gen Z with brand’s ‘Forever Fun’ philosophy, and sampled Chupa Chups to 1.5L students from 96 schools & 62 colleges

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How we empowered girls to take safety in their own hands with dedicated self-defence education program

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How we engaged an average of 1L+ kids and 268 teachers from 142 schools for 4 years

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How we introduced 2.8L kids from 328 schools to active cycling through an innovative and informative program

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How we engaged 4L+ kids from 500+ schools and raised awareness on sports & nutrition and sampled new Milo drink

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How we helped brand interact with 60K+ kids along with their parents across 50 cities

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How we imparted health education to 5k+ kids through a unique and fun phygital engagement model

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How we delivered a highly engaging sport experience to 42 kids and their parents and generated valuable leads for the luxury project

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Sportz Village Xp in association with Boost, developed a Digital Talent Identification program to nurture young cricket talent by scouting & grooming them across india.

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How we reinforced Red Bull’s brand positioning by creating a platform for budding women badminton players to nurture and showcase their skills

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How we delivered 5-star experience to young football enthusiasts from 3 metro cities and garnered 10K digital impressions

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How we delivered a highly engaging and fun experience for the running communities in key cities

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How we created memorable fan experiences in 20 colleges with KKR Campus Ambassadors

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