Mumbai Games - World's First City level, Multi-Age & Multi-Sport Extravaganza

How can we promote sports and an active lifestyle among amateurs


Created a unique community event – Mumbai Games, held across various venues in Mumbai with with our vision of promoting sports and an active healthy lifestyle among amateurs. Mumbai Games is a movement to bring Mumbaikars closer and make them play.

- Players participate irrespective of age, skill and social strata.
- Friends, family, neighbours & colleagues cheer for them.

With 12 sports –indoor/outdoor, individual/team – Football, Basketball, Athletics, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Roller Skating, Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Squash, Chess & Carrom and multiple age categories in every sport there is something for everyone. More than anything, Mumbai Games is about having fun.


21K Mumbaikars participated and enjoy an amazing, unforgettable experience in season 1 & 2

Brands such as DNA, Gulf and 94.3 Radio leveraged the association to enhance their brand image reputation as youthful, sporty and fun.

Hyper local 8 Contingent Concept: It's all about affinity and one's 'ilaaka'