A scalable national quiz program reinforcing milo’s ‘Grow with Sports’ positioning

How we engaged 4 Lakh+ kids from 500+ schools in two years, raised awareness on sports & nutrition and sampled new Milo drink


A scalable ‘grow with sports’ school program with sampling opportunities. Helping Milo underline its energy proposition for kids and strong sports equity, we conducted 'Milo - National Quiz' for classes III to X based on Sports and Nutrition. It served as an action for the brand's intent for creating awareness among students about the importance of sports and healthy nutrition; and a platform to introduce newly launched product. The components of the quiz were developed keeping in mind that they require low specialized skill and included in-school activities to encourage participation. Exclusive content was developed for different age groups keeping in mind the difficulty level and skill requirement.

  • Focus cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata & Bengaluru
  • Target Group: 8-13 years students and teachers from A & A+ schools
  • Period: 4 months
  • Program Design - 4 Stage:
    • School registration drive
    • Sampling: Distributing Milo samples, Milo merchandize and Parent detailers to the students. The parent detailers contained instructions and sample worksheets related to the quiz to help their kids prepare for the competition
    • Quiz Competition: Pen and paper-based 30 minutes sports quiz under the supervision of class teacher
    • Gratification: Top 3 best-performing students were selected as winners and awarded medals & certificates


Scaled reach: From 1.1 lacs kids from 130 schools in 5 cities in 2018 to 3.6 lacs kids from 400 schools across 11 cities in 2019

The new ready-to-drink Milo sampling to all participants

Purposeful content generated for media coverage in leading dailies like TOI