Empowering women need of the hour


  • Every 5 seconds someone is sexually assaulted.
  • One in two women will be assaulted in their lifetime.
  • 44% of the rape victims are under aged.
  • 75% of assaults are committed by someone known to victim.

These alarming statistics states something very important- that women are not equipped to defend themselves in an adverse situation. If we expect the situation to be altered, then we need to be the primary architects in effectuating that change. The general perception is that girls have a father, brother, friend or later on a husband who will shield them if need be, right? However, what happens when a girl is alone, or travelling by herself, or attacked by a known person?? The truth is we don’t think about attacks enough, because we want to believe that people are inherently good and wouldn’t hurt…. But the reality is far different….

Equipped and Empowered – Anyone can be attacked at any time. Women are most vulnerable when alone and most likely, it comes from the one least expected. The aftermath: stigma and scar stay for long or for lifetime. A self-defence training program prepares them for confronting any antagonistic situation. Instead of shrinking because of apparent weakness, they could be strong physically as well as mentally to tackle any hostile situation. Subsequent to the training course the girls walk out as more determined, stronger and empowered young girls beaming with self-confidence. Self-defence imbibes discipline in women, and that discipline is inculcated to all other aspects of their lives. The course imparts methods to be calm, control breathing, and respond instead of reacting to situations. Self-defence classes have a far-fetched constructive impact on the participants…… and most importantly “Self-defence training is a morale booster”.

Empowering women will lead to a safe and secured state which will go a long way in ensuring progress and prosperity of the state and subsequently the nation. State governments should provide platforms for macro level training programs to ensure and effect overall harmony.