Brands Embracing Phygital Innovative Play Experiences to engage Kids

Phygital (portmanteau of physical and digital) marketing refers to a combination of real-life and digital experiences that are served to the consumer. Phygital marketing approach harmoniously seamlessly blends a brand’s marketing strategies in both retail and online spaces so that two complement each other. So why are brands embracing innovative phygital strategies to target kids through sports? Let us analyse this in a point by point manner.


As seen from the link, kids are a demography that is yet to be influenced deeply enough, but are prone to getting influenced easily, and more importantly, the brand influences that they experience during their childhood continue to influence their buying choices in adult life. Thus, kids guarantee a high customer lifecycle value for brands. Also, the unique psychological state of mind that is experienced by people who participate in a sport or view it as spectators ensures that if a brand decides to engage with the audience through sports, it is guaranteed a very high level of engagement. As such, experiential sports marketing presents an ethical formula to reach kids.


The COVID-19 situation has made people understand the importance of ensuring a high level of immunity in order to stay safe from diseases. And playing sports is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy, and also boost immunity. Indeed, as can be seen from the link, a large majority of people are willing to allow their kids to engage in sports if they are assured of their safety from contracting infection. Surely, in the post-COVID phase, we can expect kids to throng playgrounds in more numbers than before.


As seen before, experiential sports marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach kids. But by adopting a phygital strategy towards the same, a brand can ensure that:
  • There are more points of communication between the brand and the target audience i.e. kids
  • A unified marketing message could be delivered through multiple channels to reinforce itself.
  • By ensuring that kids experience in real what they witness digitally, brands can build higher trustworthiness of their marketing communication
  • Phygital strategies can ensure that a customer who is engaged with a brand can also conveniently place a purchase order for the product. This drives up lead conversion and therefore, product sales and consequently, revenues.
As a result of the above-mentioned reasons, brands are showing great alacrity in re-orienting their experiential sports marketing strategies in a phygital format. Sports Village Xp has been pro-active in developing this market development, and has launched Active Club, an online platform to engage kids with a range of physical activities including exercise, martial arts, and sports. We are confident that if brands decide to partner with us to execute different phygital marketing campaigns through us, we would be able to deliver engagement results that would delight a brand manager.