How brands can continue engaging with kids post pandemic

Before we get on to the topic of how brands can continue to engage with kids after the COVID-19 pandemic, let us first understand why it is important to do so. The following are the reasons: – Kids form significantly large demography if it is segmented on age-basis – They have not developed their product and brand preferences yet when you market to kids, you are almost getting clean slates to write on – However, as they grow, they tend to get influenced very easily. And such influences last for a lifetime. – Therefore, every kid that becomes your customer is going to have a very high customer lifecycle value Clearly then, it is important to have a reasonable amount of focus on kids when it comes to building marketing strategies. Now here are the ways in which you can continue to engage with kids after the pandemic.


The coronavirus pandemic has tremendously raised awareness about the importance of following safety rules in everyday behavior. The resultant change in consumer behavior and preference, and safety will continue to be a major influential factor while making purchases. More importantly, people will also be more conscious of safety in general and not just what needs to be done to prevent contracting COVID. Therefore, in the future, brands need to prominently highlight the safety aspects of the products that they sell. Now here’s the catch. Kids by themselves would not be much aware of various safety precautions that need to be taken in different situations. Secondly, while kids may demand various products, ultimately, it is their parents who ultimately make the buying decision for them. Therefore, what is important is to market your product from a safety perspective to the kids’ parents. This could be done by organizing experiential marketing events which allow kids to have a product trial, while the parents have a live demo of why the product is safe for their kids. And speaking of safety and health brings us to the next point:


This is important for two reasons. First, in general, kids like to play sports. Secondly, in recognition of the importance of ensuring good health to have a high level of immunity, a lot of parents are bound to enroll their kids in various sports training programs. So, you are bound to have more kids than ever getting engaged in playing sports. Therefore, if you have the right product, and can come up with the right event to execute before and during an ongoing sports event, you will find several of your target segment members to engage and get to experience your product. And if they experience your product in a sporting arena, they will pester their parents to buy it when they are in a mall. More importantly, experiential sports marketing is one of the most ethical and effective ways to bring brands closer to kids. However, as seen from the first point, there is a heightened focus on ensuring safety during the post-COVID phase. And therefore, for any experiential marketing event to be successful in garnering a high level of participation, it has to be designed in a way that the participants feel safe in being a part of it. As such, the dynamics of experiential marketing are set to change, and this link will provide different tips on how to execute experiential marketing activities in the post COVID era.


What do kids do once their working parents return home? After talking for a while, they grab their parents’ smartphones and begin playing their favorite game. What do they do when they meet their friends in a social setting? They talk about different games and entertainment apps that they see and use on their parents’ phones. Essentially, the kids of today are not just very tech-savvy, among the demography, they are the most prolific word-of-mouth influencers. One way to engage kids by leveraging media is by creating customized, targeted content that will specifically appeal to them. And have it showing on the games, the apps, that kids use. The above approaches toward marketing to kids will enable brands to develop a close bond with their customers and influencers of the future. SportsVillageXP has been a leading player enabling brands to enhance their market appeal through creatively designed experiential sports marketing strategies. To know what we can do for you, please contact