New arenas for brands to invest their marketing budget in the post corona world

As different countries are slowly beginning to open up their economies, the immediate-term rules of social engagement are altogether different to how they were before the Coronavirus pandemic. As such, marketing managers will have to innovate upon their usual strategies to ensure that their efforts deliver the results that their businesses would expect of them. Moreover, some changes that the pandemic has forced us to make will continue to prevail even after we come out of it. The following are new arenas where brands could choose to invest a greater part of their marketing budget in the post-corona world:


The COVID-19 lockdown has forced a lot of people to be at home, and have a lot of free time, with access to digital technologies and fast internet. So, what do they do? They surf more. And given that a lot of companies and employees have discovered that it isn’t really necessary to for everyone to go to the office every day and that WFH can actually work wonders at times, there is a high chance that even after we open up, a lot more people would continue to work from home. Which means a continuation of heightened internet activity. And hence, brands need to invest in digital marketing more than ever. And be innovative with it. More importantly, there are a lot of really impactful things that they could do. From setting up digital stores and e-showrooms to developing a network of social media influencers for promoting their product, to executing various online marketing campaigns.


The post-lockdown consumer is bound to emerge wiser and will be a lot more scrupulous while buying products. As such, it is important for brands to be able to convince target buyers of the utility value and safety-of-use of their brand. The best way they could achieve this is by generating product trials. Which is why experiential marketing is going to be of huge importance. One of the biggest incentives for brands to invest in experiential marketing is the fact that it is perhaps one of the most effective ways to achieve the end goal of marketing – i.e. generating more product sales. For more on how experiential marketing can provide a huge boost to your brand, you can read how it helps in building an emotional connection between the brand and its target audience.


This tactic might be a bit costly to implement, but the impact that it will have is bound to be very high. This is because a growing number of people today are increasingly getting addicted to web series and movies broadcast over the OTT platform. There are various ways to promote themselves over such OTT entertainment shows, such as sponsoring shows and having the brand name being displayed at the beginning of each episode or having it tactfully inserted within the script in a visual format (showing the brands products in certain scenes) or by creating dialogues and soundtracks featuring the brand name. The latter is one of the best recipes to generate a high brand recall, which is one of the key objectives of marketing. As seen above, looking at the marketing exercise in a fresh light will enable brands to continue to grow despite the challenges that have been thrown in due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SportsVillageXP provides has a track-record of providing excellent experiential marketing solutions and consultancy. To help make your brand achieve greater brand recall through experiential sports marketing, please feel free to contact